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Chinese & Traditional Cupping

Putting glass cups is an old and proven method of treatment. Cups will help with a cold, eliminate pain, and will help relieve fatigue and tension. You can set them up even for one year old child.

They help to cure bronchitis, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infections, rheumatism, weakened immune system. Placing cups relieves tension and stress, it also improves circulation, thanks to which we feel full of energy and briskness. Placing cups even allows you to avoid antibiotics, e.g. in recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract.

The Chinese cupping is a variation of a vacuum (cold) cups that sucks air under pressure. Most often you can find cups made of rubber, but also glass and bamboo cups are used. Their characteristic feature is a round shape and rounded edges, thanks to which they can suck on the skin. The technique of Chinese cupping massage was taken from folk medicine, in which the bulbs were used to treat flu or colds. Currently, the cupping massage is also performed to eliminate spine pains, muscle complaints, cellulite or to reduce the visibility of stretch marks.

Chinese bulbs are used, among others for therapeutic and relaxation massage. The cups reduce muscle tension, which causes, for example, back pain, as well as the compression of nerve plexuses and the gradual development of body ailments.


    muscular complaints

    problems with joints

    pains of various origins (including migraine and

    lung ailments

    problems with blood circulation

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