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Majowy Maraton Relaksu i Zdrowia (1)
Majowy Maraton Relaksu i Zdrowia (1)
11 Mar 2019, 13:00 – 18:00
Chata Mirdada,
Świerkowa 27, 58-340 Sierpnica, Polska
Can you make it?

health & nature in the middle of mountains

Our cottage "The Shack of Mirdad" it is a place beyond the time and beyond concerns of this world.
This unique place is offering our guests an exceptional 250-year-old, restored house with a great fireplace and an interior from old times. A herbaceous meadows with birch forest on the side of a huge pond feels like to be in the middle of a fairytale. A time by the grill and a summer bar brings unforgettable moments together. A stable with horses offers a peaceful ride in the nature. All of it located among the charming Owl Mountains offers the best possible opportunity to recover and regain happiness. Our natural therapies with all of this together are making that recovery optimallly efficient.


We all want to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, in today's world it is difficult to avoid long-term stress and the impact of external factors that are heavily burdening our body. Our chances for a healthy life are continuously decreasing, and the number of diseases we have to deal with is constantly growing. Together with it is also growing offer of medicaments, medical specialists and therapies that are supposed to remedy this situation, but the truth is that in a huge number of cases medicine is helpless, offering its patients only some improvement of the comfort to their lives. It is not what we expect but this is a reality today.

Our method of Optimal Recovery is based on the already proven in practice assumption that regardless of the already undertaken medical treatments, it is necessary to restore the full balance in the body, because it is its long-lasting body disorder that originally led to the disease. This body balance is supporting necessary for health optimal regeneration at the cellular level, and we need to regenerate optimally to restore the proper condition and functioning of all organs and systems within our body.


Optimally functioning organism does not get ill.

Our therapies within Optimal Recovery, are designed to restore disturbed balance in the body and intensively support regeneration of the organism at the cellular level. It is a form of optimal, intense health prevention, suitable for the healthy and the sick ones, often resulting in recovery, even then when others have already abandoned hope.

At The Shack of Mirdad, we use a very effective form of ThanDza acupuncture (according to the technique of Doctor Pokrywka), herbal therapy, consultations in Optimal Recovery, moxibustion, massages, cupping, hippo-therapy, dietetics, magnesium baths, breathing exercises, Chi Kung and Tai Chi exercises. In 2019, we plan to built Normobaria for normobaric therapy, which we will also make available to those in need.

The therapies, their availability and prices can be checked on our website, in the "Therapies" section.


Aat this moment we offer our guests 3 large and tastefully equipped rooms that can accommodate totally up to 12 persons. Guests have at their disposal 2 fully equipped bathrooms, a large stylish living room with a fireplace, a bar and barbecue in the backyard (open in the summer) and a beautiful recreational area with a huge pond and a birch forest. On request, we serve our guests healthy and tasty breakfasts and dinners.

workshops & exercises

For our guests we conduct workshops and exercises on the topics of recovery, dietetics and healthy nutrition. We also conduct Taichiquan and Qi Gong trainings as well as Spiritual Development workshops (based on DzogChen). The program of the workshops will be published and updated on our website on an ongoing basis.

the Grill, Bar & the campfire

Our stone grill will serve up to a dozen guests. A summer bar in the Mediterranean style and a nearby bonfire, is guaranteeing you the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments especially with sounds of some exotic instruments in the background.


At our over 140-meter long pond, surrounded by reeds and trees, you can calm and relax, There is also a 6 persons boat to your disposal. Next to the pond there is a beautiful birch forest, another small ponds and a large Indian tent, where you can warm yourself by the campfire and meditate.

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