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Optimal Recovery Method

The Optimal Recovery Method is being used in The Shack of Mirdad Resort to stimulate a gradual but dynamic and positive change in human life, necessary to mantain or restore its mental and physical balance and as a result to obtain a significant health improvement (mostly regression of diseases and marked improvement of the psycho-physical condition).


The motto by The Shack of Mirdad Resort is very simple:


"A human has an extraordinary ability to  recover form any disease. In some cases just need a proper support and guidance."


This special human ability to recover is being commonly known and proved. Most of medical drugs are not being used to fight directly any illness but  just to support that human's ability. The question remains why some people does not recover as they suppose to?

Our Optimal Recovery Method uses appropriately selected elements of Total Biology System, Dzogchen, and other techniques from the Far East.


Not less significant is to create a strengthening effect by simultaneous additional use of treatments which are strongly stimulating the improvement of the psycho-physical condition of the human. Our acupuncture technique is being mainly used for energy stabilization and stimulation of cell regeneration processes. Normobaric treatment to stimulate regeneration and stem cells production and appropriately implemented supplementation and diet completes the whole process.


It has been proven that the state of mind of a person affects his body directly and within the long term period. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that the mind is being balanced and calmed while going through Optimal Recovery process.

In The Shack of Mirdad Resort the greatest attention is placed on dynamic health recovery through intensive regeneration as well as mental and bio-physical balance!

Intensive self regeneration means stronger immune system and clearly improved functioning of the whole organism which is straightforward leading to an optimal health recovery.

What is DzogChen?-


DzogChen is a fundamental, original state and comprehensive system of teachings and practices leading to the state, treated as the "great summit" of the paths to "Perfect Enlightenment" occurring in the tradition of Nyingma of Tibetan Buddhism and pre-Buddhist religion bön.

"Dzogchen should not be considered a religion, and does not reinquire form anyone to believe in anything. On the contrary, it directs everyone to see each other individually and recognize their actual state.


Walking through DzogChen helps to obtain much better balanced state of mind.

What is Total Biology?

Total Biology is a psychobiological concept of living organisms. Total biology assumes that the source of every illness lies in the psyche - they are strong, negative, long-lasting emotions. In order to heal one's illness, one should discover its source in itself. The disease is the manifestation of an unresolved internal conflict.

Total Biology helps to eliminate any possible mental source of physical illness. This often strongly supports human's physical recovery.

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