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Classic Massage

Classic massage has a number of valuable properties that have a beneficial effect on the body and well-being of a person. This is the most popular massage technique. It is most often about stroking, rubbing, patting and kneading. Classic massage relaxes the whole body  and mind.

Classic massage has many good properties. It has analgesic properties, nourishes the tissues, firms the muscles, relaxes the skin, accelerates the metabolism, improves blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism. Classical massage is good for people of all ages. It may apply to the whole body, but also to its individual parts.

Classical massage should not be given to pregnant persons, menstruating, feverish, having varicose veins, aneurysms, hemangiomas, with blood clotting disorders, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cancer, after having just had a heart attack.

For classical massage to give the desired effects, repeat it in several series. The best results will be noticed after 10 series. Most often, classical massage is performed by stroking - in this way, the massager senses tense muscles under the skin and relaxes them.

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