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Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi-lomi, a Hawaiian healing massage, spread to the whole world in the second half of the twentieth century.

In Hawaiian "lomi-lomi" means "pressing, kneading, rubbing, working on the outside and inside." Second meaning: "the touch of a soft, velvet paw of a satisfied cat". Repetition of the word strengthens its meaning, so the double "lomi" emphasizes strength and quality of pressure. "Nui" means "important, big, unique." Lomi-lomi nui is therefore an intense massage, giving a unique feeling of bliss that permeates the body and soul. We can see for ourselves that this is the case, thanks to that the secrets of lomi-lomi nui were disclosed to people from outside Hawaii, which happened only in the second half of the 20th century. They came to Poland several years ago.

Lomi lomi massage - a man on the altar

It is a holistic massage in the full sense of the word. Heals the body and soul. It lowers muscle tension and removes internal blockages. It heals the psyche in a natural and gentle way, because in our muscles, tendons and joints the memory of old experiences and feelings is recorded. As a result of various bad experiences, we surround ourselves intuitively with the shell to protect ourselves against the world that is the source of our suffering and problems. We start to pretend, to shut up. In addition, the rules we have instilled in us, what is allowed, what falls out and what is possible, often block our way to happiness.

The lomi-lomi massage satisfies the need to touch

Almost everyone today is having a nervous lifestyle. Stress is a normal phenomenon, even necessary, mobilizing, but when it lasts too long, and after it does not relax, it is harmful to health. It can be the cause of various diseases, such as circulatory system disorders, head and spine pains, insomnia, depression, neuroses and many more. Massage releases the body from tension. It also sometimes satisfies the need for close contact without erotic subtexts. Because some of us are very lacking in touch.

Mothers are petting their children, lovers holding hands - in this way we show love. But simple hugging is also a sign of goodwill, good intentions, friendship and support for another human being. People should not skimp such signs. Recently, it's harder than ever, because in our cultural circle every gesture can be read as sexual harassment. There are unhealthy suspicions in the air, and we do not know with any intention what kind of people we hug. In these sick times, we forget that each of us deserves the most ordinary, innocent, kindly touching. It craves this not only our skin but also our psyche. No wonder that massages are so successful.

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